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Hypnotherapy: For Weight loss, Anxiety - Stress, Smoking, Self esteem, Insomnia - sleep dissorders, Past life regression and much much more.

Products:  Hypnotherapy is an effective tool to assist one to experience a state of deep relaxation. It is here in this state that new affirming ideas are introduced and shift is experienced. For best results play the CD every day.  

Custom made CD's available. Each CD will have within it important information specific to your desires. ie: for weight loss the CD will talk about your desired weight.


In addition there are CD's available for Self Esteem and Abundance. Remember abundance is not just financial abundance. It is much much more.

Self Esteem:

Abundance Realized: Release all that which prevents you from realizing your natural state of abundance. Take a journey within. Discover this state and bring it forward into your daily life.