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Customer Testimonials

When learning is desired, the teacher will appear. That was my thought when I searched for a Reiki Master to help me begin my Reiki journey. Maureen Conrad was the teacher who appeared. I am so very grateful for having met Maureen and for becoming her student. Reiki I began the journey and Reiki II followed one year later. sometime in the very near future I hope to continue with Master level teachings.

My daughter and a very dear friend took the first two classes with me, and the 3 of us (along with a very dear new friend whom Maureen asked to join our classes) felt that there could never in all the world have been a better teacher for us than Maureen. Her depth of knowledge, her compassionate spirit and her exquisite teaching skills combine in a woman who is everything that I aspire to be.

Maureen has a very developed sense of humor that is gentle and kind. There is an aura surrounding this wonderful woman that is like basking in loving , peaceful sunshine. Maureen believes that teaching Reiki is a calling, and she treats the subject matter as sacred and precious. She teaches in the traditional way with a separation between the levels to allow the student time to assimilate the teachings into their own personal reality. There is no rush. All good things will make themselves known in their own time.

If you are in search of a Reiki Master to guide you into the wonderful teachings that are Reiki, search no further. Knowing and loving Maureen Conrad will change you life forever. I consider myself blessed to call her my Reiki master.

- Linda



I have received my Advanced Reiki Degree and through the teachings of Maureen, indeed, my life has changed in many ways.

Bringing peace, calmness as well as a higher consciousness of self, also higher awareness on many levels.

In addition, through private sessions with Maureen, I have experienced clarification in my decision making and a consistency

of healing technique that benefits all parts of the body.

My Spiritual journey has opened up to such levels of expansion making it possible to share compassion, love, respect, for self

and to extend these precious qualities to others.

Maureen is truly a Master in her approach and deliverance in teachings of the Reiki Master Program.

Most important, her authenticity and wisdom shared, only to be experienced. I AM grateful, I am honored to share my

experience knowing that I've received the teachings from an authentic Master.